Fall Elk, Deer, & Bear Combination Hunts

We feel our wilderness hunts are "as good as it gets" for those of you that are in search of a true hunting experience. There is no place in the continental U. S. that is more remote than the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. A country that has long been known as a premiere area for a variety of big game. This is a place where you can step back in time and enjoy hunting that only our fore-fathers knew.

Our fall combination hunts begin September 15th and run through November 18th. We offer one of the few opportunities to hunt bugling bulls with readily accessible tags during September and early October. "Bugling" a bull elk into close range is an experience that is never forgotten. Our mid October and November hunts offer the opportunity to observe large numbers of game through binoculars and spotting scopes, a trophy hunters dream.

Our elk hunting success runs very consistent throughout the season with 80% of our hunters having an opportunity for at least a 5 point bull. Deer success being inconsistent until our first snows, usually mid-October. The early snows bring on the deer rut and tends to concentrate the game on the open slopes where they are more visible. There may be an opportunity to take a black bear on these hunts until hibernation hides them away, usually in early November.

We offer eight day guided hunts with one hunter per guide or two hunters per guide. Our guides are well experienced professionals that will immediately become a friend and will stop at nothing to make your hunt the experience you desire. We pride ourselves in "tailoring" each hunt to individual desires and physical capabilities. We recommend one on one hunts in order to accomplish this, but do offer two on one hunts to hunting buddies that wish to hunt together. We do not pair strangers in two on one situations. We prefer to segregate hunting groups to their own camps and rarely combine small groups, only in cases when weather and game conditions dictate this to be the best choice. We limit our camps to no more than four hunters except in those cases of larger groups that wish to hunt together.

Our camps are made as comfortable as possible while maintaining the integrity of wilderness. They consist of wall tents with dry flooring, wood stoves, lanterns and cots with mattresses. The cook tents are large tents with tables, chairs, etc., where excellent meals are served in a sanitary manner. We provide excellent cooks in our camps that take pride in their delicious, robust meals.

Day one - you arrive via charter flight to our base camp. We immediately pack your gear on mules, introduce you to your horse, adjust your saddle, stick a lunch in your saddle-bag and head for spike camp. We normally send you and your guide off as soon as possible, to hunt your way to the camp. A packer will take the gear and supplies to camp where they will be awaiting your arrival.

Day two through seven - early breakfast, horses have been kept in a corral and fed to accommodate early departure (daylight or before), a sack lunch is provided as you will not return until dusk or later, after an all you can eat meal and great camaraderie you are off to bed just in time to begin tomorrow’s hunt. Your game is packed into camp and professionally cared for until it is packed to base camp and flown to a processor.

Day eight - is a busy day of packing up gear and returning to base camp for "see ya laters" and departure back to the world.