Spring Black Bear Hunts

Our spring bear hunts are during the months of May and June. This the most beautiful, relaxing time to hunt the back-country. The Middle Fork is coming to life with the events of "green up". The bear have just recently sauntered from their dens and are sporting a coat of hair that is unequaled during the balance of the year. The bear are lured to the open slopes in quest for new grasses and flowers. The method used is glassing the slopes, identifying large males and planning a hopefully successful stalk.

The bear harvested are old males of true trophy quality, that vary in shades of blonde, cinnamon and black. The sizes range from 5 1/2 ft. to 61/2 ft. Our success over the years has averaged 90%.

These hunts are conducted with the use of horses from the ranch or a comfortable tent camp, depending on your desires and hunting conditions.