Winter Mountain Lion Hunts

These are classic cougar hunts with hounds, horses and an abundant lion population. All in an awe-inspiring winter setting that is always "camera ready". I assure you, there is no better cougar hunting offered in the world. Send for our yearly newsletter "Lion Tales", our record will speak for itself.

We concentrate on old age Toms and control our hunting in order to be assured of a continued old age structure in our lion harvest. Harvesting these old cats actually enhances the cougar population and assures an abundance of lion recruitment. We are on the trails of the Middle Fork virtually every day during the winter, doing our home-work to assure your trip of being successful.

The large majority of the lions treed are left in the tree, we are very selective to the cats harvested, which of course is your decision.

These hunts are normally conducted from the comfort of the ranch, although we do occasionally hunt from tent camps for the more hardy souls. Wives and non-hunters are welcome and history has proven them to have a great time.